We recently pointed out in a previous article, how Tulum’s became one of the most demanded vacation destinations around the world. Now we would like to address what the future holds for Tulum, in regards to many ambitious infrastructure projects that are in the making. 

The Mexican government knows the town’s potential very well and is already making plans to contribute to this ever-growing touristic phenomenon.

The new airport, set to be inaugurated in 2023, is a reflection of the government's intention to make the most of Tulum`s treasures. This project will substantially increase the amount of tourists per season.

Furthermore, the Yucatecan peninsula will be more accessible than ever once the 1500km “Mayan Train” is finished. This pioneering railway project will create up to 20,000 new jobs and connect around 20 small towns amid the Mayan Jungle, according to government officials. In this sense, one can expect those towns will be as noticeable as ever, and bring new touristic opportunities to be explored.

Other notable infrastructure plans like main roads and highways will also improve the quality and value of the area. Dirt roads will be replaced by new solid and lean roads, which will inevitably increase the influx of bus lines and visitors.

Today, Tulum has one of the highest hotel occupancies and is the #1 destination for AirBnB users in the world. If it is popular today, imagine the possibilities for growth once these projects are over.

At Neoterre, we have a series of high-end sustainable developments in Tulum with a huge potential for investment. If you’d like to join our community, contact us and we’ll reach out.